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The Modern Domestique is first and foremost a place where I talk about how to incorporate home economics into your life to create a more sustainable home and community. While blogging, creating podcasts, videos and tutorials about these topics fills my heart with joy, it can be financially demanding to share all this with the world. So, in order to help with some of those costs I do participate a few affiliate programs.

 That said, I do think it's always best to support your local community by buying products from a locally-owned store like a hardware store, fabric store, or a kitchen supply store, but I understand that you can't always find what you need or don't always have time to shop around. So I have included links in some of my blog posts for your convenience, and as an example of the item I am talking about in the post if you don't know what it is!

I will always let you know if I have included affiliate links in my posts so you can be aware and make your own choice when it comes to what you buy.


And now, the details:

Affiliate Links

Some links I use are what's called an affiliate link. If you click on an affiliate link and buy something from that company, I make a small commission. You don't pay any extra for the product, and this blog can keep on running from the commissions I make. You get a great product and support this blog at the same time. It's a win-win! 


As of this update (January 2019), there is no paid advertising (as in graphic ads, etc) on this site. I'll let you know if that ever changes, though!

Giveaways & Free Things

Giveaways are a great way for publishers, authors, etc to let the world know about their books or products. Everyone loves the opportunity to win something fun, and if someone sends me something that aligns with this site's purpose, I will let you know that it is a sponsored giveaway. Sometimes, I will also self-sponsor a giveaway on my own dime. I'll let you know either way, and I wish everyone good luck when entering future giveaways!

Wrapping It Up

I really want you to know that you can trust and rely on this site to only bring you the highest quality products and information in the most transparent way possible. I want you to believe that there is nothing to hide here, and that I take my job as The (trustworthy) Modern Domestique very seriously.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer any questions!


Thanks everyone!

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