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A New Year

Time has flow by with the holidays and some unexpected computer hiccups, but I'm back with a quick post to let you know that I haven't disappeared!

In my absence I've been working up some exciting ideas for the blog. The first one I'm sharing is that I was able to nab a copy of a 1935 Home Economics teacher's guide, which I'll be going through page by page to compare to today's need of HomeEc. I'm especially interested in this book because it seems like it was written in a time of change in Home Economics, which is what I'm trying to bring about as well. Here is an excerpt from the introduction of the book:

Home economics has long been set apart as a special subject. Those who are teaching and about to teach, however, know that it is concerned with fundamental problems of living and that it has values for all ages - children in the elementary grades, youth in the secondary schools, adults in and out of school. Along with problems in all education, questions are being raised anew concerning this field - who shall study it, what shall be taught, and what shall be its place in the whole program of education.

I'm really excited to go through this process, and to share everything I learn along the way!


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