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Spring Cleaning: Bathroom & Laundry Room

Next up in the Spring Cleaning Series is the Bathroom and Laundry Room. Much like cleaning the kitchen, there isn't too much to go-through and it's pretty straightforward. I have combined the bathroom and laundry room in this list because they are often located in the same place in smaller homes (like mine), and if they aren't in the same place, they do have similar things that need cleaning (drains, sinks, etc). You'll find below a general guideline list for both the bathroom(s) and laundry room, and you can make it fit your own space as needed.

You will again be making up a few spray bottles filled at least half way each with the following ingredients:

  • Half vinegar, half water

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • A couple tablespoons of liquid castile soap mixed with at least a couple cups water and around 10-20 drops of essential oils. I usually use tea tree, orange and lemon but you can use whatever you like.

These are the other supplies you will need handy:

Don't let soap scum get you down. source

Just like with the kitchen, you'll want to clean from top to bottom and in a clockwise circle, starting just to the right of the toilet so you end by cleaning the toilet and the floor.

First, you'll want to start by cleaning your toilet tank. Open your toilet tank and pour as much vinegar into the tank as you can, making sure that the water level doesn’t go higher than an inch below the edge of the tank. Now you can start cleaning the rest of the room while the vinegar sits and eats away at any mineral deposits. Just before cleaning the floors, flush the toilet twice to make sure you remove all of the vinegar. Turn off the water supply to your toilet tank: The valve should be under or behind the toilet on the pipe that attaches it to the floor or wall. Flush the toilet once again, which will empty the tank. This next part is where the gloves come in especially handy. Apply some of your Castile and water mixture to a sponge or washcloth and scrub away at the inside of the tank. Turn the water back on. Flush the toilet again so the water is clear in both the tank and the bowl.

You can clean the sink and tub/shower the same way you cleaned the kitchen sink, with one little addition. First, sprinkle 1-2 cups of washing soda in the basin. Put on your gloves (washing soda can really dry out your hands!), and wet a sponge or wash cloth. Rub the washing soda around on any spots that need some extra scrubbing. Once that's done, you can clean it like the kitchen sink: first, clean with the castile soap mixture you made, then spray with your half white vinegar/water mixture, and finally spray with the hydrogen peroxide. (Don't mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together - spray one followed by the other.)

For the mirrors, I spray the vinegar and water mixture onto the mirror and rub dry with a crumpled up newspaper. This really works! It might take a few sheets of newspaper to get it dry and streak-free, but it will sparkle once you are done. If you don't have any newspapers, you can use a dry cloth too, it just may take a bit more muscle power to remove the streaks.

A well-organized space. source

To clean your washing machine, mix 1/4 Cup of baking soda with 1/4 cup of water. Pour this mixture into the spot where you usually pour the detergent. Next, pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the drum of the machine, and then run the hottest cycle. This will clean the inside of your machine, as well as all the drainage tubes. Once the cycle is done, you can spray the nooks and crannies of the opening of the washing machine with the vinegar and water mixture you made earlier, and scrub any spots that the cycle missed. Leave the machine door open to let the inside completely air dry.

The last thing I'll detail is how to clean the dryer. Along with cleaning the dryer vent to avoid any blocks in the line that could create fires, you'll want to clean the machine too. First, remove the lint catch, and wash it in warm, soapy water. Let it air dry completely before replacing in the machine. Next, rub a dry cloth around the lint trap. Once you've collected all the lint you can, use the hose attachment on your vacuum machine to clean inside the lint trap. To clean the drum and door of the dryer, spray a cloth with the vinegar and water mixture you made, and wipe the inside of the machine.

Remember gratitude: I am grateful that I have an entire bathroom to clean. source

Bathroom/Laundry Room

  • Open windows.

  • Remove and clean window coverings and screens.

  • Wash windows and window sills.

  • Clean exhaust fan.

  • Dust/clean any pictures on walls.

  • Clean any countertop containers or decorations.

  • Clean wastebasket.

  • Dust/clean towel rods, shower curtain rod and toilet paper holder.

  • Empty all cabinets. Wash inside, discard expired medications and cosmetics and replace neatly. Make a list of any first aid supplies needed.

  • Wash outside of cabinets.

  • Clean shower head.

  • Clean tub/shower. (See above!)

  • Wash shower curtain and liner.

  • Wash both in the washing machine with a few towels, then hang them back up to air dry.

  • Clean toilet, inside and out including the tank (see above!). Remove seat and clean around seat bolts.

  • Clean toilet brush and brush holder.

  • Fill a bucket half full with water. Add 2-3 cups of washing soda. Place the toilet brush into the mixture and allow it to soak for several hours. Remove the brush to see if it is clean. If needed, add more crystals (another 1/3 -1/2 cup) and soak it longer. Once the brush is clean, remove it from the water, rinse and air dry.

  • Wash the brush holder with your Castile soap and water mixture, then spray with the vinegar and water mixture and let air dry.

  • Clean sink.

  • Clean drains of sink and tub.

  • First, remove drain cover and clean out any hair/other yucky stuff you see. (This part can be a little gross and, uh, hairy so you may want to use a fork to poke around down the drain and wear your gloves.)

  • Then, pour around 1/2 cup of baking soda in the drain. Pour around 1 cup of vinegar and let it fizz away. After about 5-10 minutes, pour boiling water down the drain and voila!

  • Dust light fixtures.

  • Clean mirror and frame. (See above!)

  • Wash switch plates, walls and trim, and doors and door knobs.

  • Wash outside of washer and dryer.

  • Wash inside of washing machine. (See above!)

  • Clean inside of dryer. (See above!)

  • Clean dryer vent.

  • Wash heating/AC vent covers.

  • Clean under washing machine and dryer.

  • Clean entry doors.

  • Clean baseboards with a damp cloth.

  • Vacuum or sweep and wash floors. (See my last post for how to mop if you're not sure.)

  • Reseal grout lines if necessary.

Spring cleaning isn't exactly "no work", but it sure does feel good when you are done! source

I hope this list is helpful! Let me know how you are coming along in the spring cleaning process, and please let me know if I forgot to include anything so far. In my next post, I'll be talking about how to clean common areas like the living room and family room. Until then, happy cleaning!

Oh, and if you have missed any of the other posts in this series, you can find the introduction here, the supply list here and how-to clean your kitchen here.


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