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The Modern Domestique Podcast, S1 E1: "Meet The Modern Domestique"

"In this pilot episode of The Modern Domestique Podcast, future guest Nancy Allawos Thompson interviews Stacey Keating, founder of The Modern Domestique about her vision for how to sustainably revive home economics for today's generation."

I really enjoyed recording this first episode of The Modern Domestique Podcast! My goal with this pilot episode is to help listeners and readers get to know a bit more about me, and a bit more about my intentions for the blog and website. If you are new to The Modern Domestique and would like to learn even more, make sure to check out the start here page and the about page.

Make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you are notified when new episodes are posted! I'd love to hear what you think of the podcast so far too, so please leave a comment below. The next episode comes out in 2 weeks, so be sure to check back then for my interview with Nancy about her company, King's Broth.

Remember that anyone and everyone can be A Modern Domestique, and have a very Modern Domestique Day!

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