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TMD Podcast, S1 E3: BLDG 61 Makerspace

"DIY Makerspaces are popping up all over the country. In this episode, Adam and Janet of the 'BLDG 61 Makerspace', located in the Boulder Public Library, share how this public space can empower the community to build, learn, design, and grow."

Everyone! As of tonight, spring is officially here (in this hemisphere anyways...)! This year, March 19 is the spring equinox which is not only the first day of spring, but also one of only two days of the year when day and night are equal in length.

A lot of people think of spring cleaning when this season rolls around, but before getting to that I think it's useful to take a moment and set some intentions for the next few seasons. Spring, summer and fall are usually our most active seasons, when we can be outside with our community rather than cozying up inside next to a fire. So before getting busy with all the fun things that lay ahead, I think this is a perfect time to evaluate what's going on with you right at this moment. You can think of it like another new-years but without all the pressure. Where are some places you would like to travel to? What are some skills you'd like to learn or refine? Are there any books you've been putting off reading or friends you've been meaning to get together with? What are some things you can do that would bring you joy?

For me, in the coming months I'd love to continue learning new skills. Skills like woodworking. Which is one reason why I am so excited to share today's podcast episode with you. In this episode, I interview Adam and Janet of BLDG 61, which is an all-ages makerspace located at the public library here in Boulder, CO.

The "BLDG" in BLDG 61 actually stands for "build, learn design, grow". This makerspace is a creative and DIY public workshop space that's dedicated to hands-on learning. Since it is located at the library, all you need is a library card to be able to sign up for the classes - no membership fees are required. Some of the equipment they have in the space include woodworking tools, pottery wheels, a firing kiln, spinning wheels, looms for weaving, sewing machines, a screen printing press, 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, a laser cutter and a CNC machine. If you have never heard of some of the things listed above, just click the link to be taken to some examples of things you can make with each of these machines.

It's true that some of these machines can seem pretty intimidating, but never fear! By attending the "level zero" programs and the tool orientation trainings, BLDG 61 makerspace will teach you how to use the machine, and they are always there to answer any questions or provide ideas. For those of you living around the Boulder, CO area, I encourage you to check out their calendar for more information. For those of you not living nearby, why not do an internet search for makerspaces that are in your area? This movement is rapidly expanding around the country, so I'm sure there is something comparable near you!

Listen to the podcast below for more information and inspiration!

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