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Welcome Back, The Modern Domestique

You may have noticed that the blog, and the podcast for that matter, have been very quiet lately. I'm not too sure exactly how it happened, but somehow I unintentionally took the last year-and-a-bit as what I am now viewing as a self-care and realignment time. I just couldn't bring myself to write. I couldn't bring myself to share what I had been making. I honestly wasn't working on too much, and maybe that was a part of the reason I didn't have much to write about.

I read a lot of fiction. I watched a bunch of TV. I still went to the farm, but I didn't make anything fun like cheese or ice cream with the milk - I just drank it straight. I suppose without being clear about it at all, I was giving myself a pause to be in the present moment with myself, and not think about anything other than that. And through all that, the blog fell off my radar. It didn't completely fall out of my consciousness, but I wasn't actively thinking about it either.

But the last few months have had me itching to get back to it. Ideas are bouncing up quicker than I can write them down. I feel energized by even the smallest idea about something related to my beloved Modern Home Economics. This itch is the same itch I had when I started the blog, and it feels good to have it back.

I've been brainstorming about the blog and podcast a lot lately, and I think I have some pretty great ideas to re-start with. But I also want to know, what do you want to learn about? It doesn't matter how small it may seem to you, I would be happy to write about it! Do you want to know how to fry an egg? Shine your shoes? Learn about what exactly fast-fashion is? Or what a CSA is? How about how to sew a button? There are no silly questions, and no things too simple to learn about here! This is a judgement-free place to voice your questions and ideas, and I am looking forward to seeing how that is going to grow within and through our community here.

Please email me, reach out to me on social media, or leave a comment below with any questions or ideas you may have. In the meantime I will be channelling my inner Dolly while I work hard to revive The Modern Domestique as a resource for all.


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