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Amazingly Green Soup To Help The Winter Blues

Winter in Colorado is actually not as bad as a lot of other places. It'll snow but within a day or two the snow has melted and the sun is out. But besides the blue sky (which I know I am very lucky to see so much of this time of year!), there isn't much color happening. Which means that right around the middle of February, I start to crave seeing - and eating - green things. I start dreaming about when the farmer's market will open again and be stocked with lush veggies of all colors, but especially fresh green things to eat.

broccoli arugula soup

I first found this recipe through my friend Emily who invited me to do a days-long detox she saw on Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop. We tried many things through the detox that I wouldn't recommend, including trying to make beet juice with a blender (it did not go so well), but this soup recipe has stuck around. This is one of those recipes that makes me smile when I make it for many reasons, including the color of it, but the memories of those Paris days with Emily bring the biggest smiles.

This soup comes to the rescue in the depths of winter with it's bright green color. I can almost feel spring by just looking at the soup. It's flavor is fresh and a little spicy thanks to the arugula.

I do make this soup year-round, but the vibrancy of the color brings me joy when I am craving some green in the middle of winter. This is also one of my go-to recipes when having friends over for dinner. I just double or triple the ingredients depending on how many people I am trying to feed. It's especially nice to make for people with food allergies - there isn't much here someone could be allergic to.

ingredients for broccoli arugula soup

You can serve this soup with a side of bread, and feel free to add protein to it after it has been blended too. As you can see in the photo next to the recipe below, I cooked some chicken breast, shredded it and added it to the soup. Or you can eat it without meat and add some nuts or seeds to it to give it a nice crunch. You can also play around with the proportions called for in the recipe. I used leeks instead of onion because that's what I had handy. I also added a bit more stock than the recipe calls for because I wanted this version to be a little thinner, but there are times when I add the regular amount of liquid for a thicker soup too. As you are adding the arugula, taste it after you add the 3/4 cup. Does it need more spice - more warmth? Add some more arugula!

I hope this recipe helps to brighten your winter blues, too! . Also, what are some of your easy go-to recipes? What are some recipes that make you smile? Let me know in the comments below!


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