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How To Peel Ginger // Video

From cookies to stir-fry chicken, a lot of recipes use ginger. When I first started cooking with ginger, I would roll my eyes when a recipe called for it because I thought it was such a pain to peel. But that annoyance came because I was doing it the hard way, with a knife! I even tried a potato peeler at one point which was a disaster as well - the skin just got all stuck to the blade so I gave up pretty quick on that idea.

I honestly avoided recipes with ginger until I learned this super easy trick: use a spoon to peel the skin. I know it seems simple, but it really works and you don't have to worry about a knife slipping and cutting your finger. Here's a quick video of how to easily peel ginger:

Now I embrace cooking with ginger because peeling it is pretty easy! What are some of your easy kitchen hacks? Let me know in the comments below!


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