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TMD Podcast, S3 E4: French Food, Wine & Fun W/Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne & My Paris Market Cook

Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne is the author of My Paris Market Cookbook which has just been updated to version 2.0! In this episode, Emily and I talk about the new edition of the book, what inspired her to start Paris Paysanne, what natural wine is, and she even shares some tips for tourists planning a visit to Paris! Also, make sure to check out Emily's Paris Paysanne Podcast!

Some highlights from this interview:

* 8:15 - How did Paris Paysanne Start?

* 10:40 - New edition of the book includes walking tours.

* 19:30 - What is natural wine?

* 26:30 - Difference between the 1st and 2nd editions.

* 32:15 - Some of Emily's favorite things about Paris.

* 35:40 - Advice for tourists planning a trip to Paris.

Emily's blog first started because after having lived in Paris for a while, she was realizing that while the french markets are many it had become hard to find actual farmers bringing their goods to market. So Paris Paysanne was born, which is a blog and podcast, and is also a resource to finding independent farmers in Paris.

From the ideas of her work on Paris Paysanne, Emily created My Paris Market Cookbook. First released in 2015, the book is organized by season with interesting and comprehensive guides to local Paris markets, focusing on where to find products that come from in and around Paris. There are also profiles on up-to-the-minute happenings in Paris, perfect for any francophile wanting to explore new restaurants, cookware shops, natural wine bars or craft beers. The recipes included are classic french faire, which are simple enough to be able to find the ingredients almost anywhere in the world. Emily's voice shines through the pages as fun and knowledgable, giving you the courage to try the recipes and ask informed questions to your local grocery resource. The photos throughout are beautiful and truly capture the essence of Paris.

My Paris Market Cookbook is a seasonal culinary guidebook to Paris with more than 70 French recipes. It's a cookbook and travel guide that will teach you to shop, cook, and eat like a Parisian.

You'll have to listen to the podcast interview for more details about the new edition, but briefly: Along with new addresses in Paris (including walking tours!), the new edition has many new recipes added to it, and Emily has shared one of them with us! This recipe can be made year-round, but making it in the spring or early summer really takes advantage of the tenderness of fresh turnips! Check out her recipe for honey glazed turnips below:

Emily Dilling's Honey Glazed Turnips

As I mentioned in the podcast episode, Emily and I are BFFs IRL. We first met back in the mid-2000's when we were both working at pub in Paris. It didn't take long for us to become inseparable (our friends would refer to us as a unit, Emcey - a combination of our names, because we were always together), and I am so glad our paths crossed in that pub all those years ago. As promised, here are some photos of us from that time!


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Sep 17, 2022

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