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TMD Podcast, S2 E5: The Therapeutic Benefits Of Home Economics

This episode's interview is with Amy Leiter, Emily Rose Popiel, and Emily Seagrave of Violet Hive Art Therapy. Violet hive is a collective of therapists in Denver Colorado. Their mission is to bring art to the community, as well as therapeutic services to families and organizations in need. They say that the act of expressing one’s self through mindfulness and art brings us back to our authentic selves, allows us to feel connected to our dreams, and it heals us.

You may be wondering what the connection between art therapy and Modern Home Economics is, so let me explain where I’m coming from. When I think of different things that fall under the umbrella of Modern Home Ec (things like crafting, cooking, homemaking, gardening or sewing), they all have to do with using your hands and creativity. I know that lots of people find themselves feeling more relaxed after things like cooking or crafting, and there is a reason for this! They are unintentionally doing art therapy through engaging their senses and making creative choices.

Throughout our chat, Amy and the two Emilys explain how using our senses in this way regulates the nervous system and keeps us present and engaged. They also talk about the fact that you don't need to be "an artist" to be able to fully take advantage of using art as therapy - the focus is not on the end result, it is on the process.

Some of the things that art therapy helps with include: help with life transitions and challenges, exploring how to find your authentic path, how to be more present and cultivate self-awareness, and becoming more aware of your coping strategies and relational patterns. I think it's really interesting to become aware of how all these things are coming up within us as we are going about our Modern Home Economics daily activities. I know for me, using my hands has definitely helped me problem-solve without really having to think in great detail about the problem.

Similar to the adult coloring book trend, I think that aspects of Modern Home Economics could used therapeutically in your own home. What kinds of things do you do to relieve stress or to simply be creative? Leave a comment below and let me know!

The Therapeutic Benefits Of Home Economics


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