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Each episode of The Modern Domestique podcast focuses on a different aspect of Modern Home Economics. It’s all about exploring a way of life that enhances our environment and community from where it all begins - in the home.

My main hope is that this podcast encourages a new look at what Modern Home Economics can be, and that these interviews empower you to make Modern Home Economics your own in your home and community. 

Do you have an idea for a podcast episode, or do you have a question about a past episode? Send me an email!

Make sure to never miss an episode by subscribing on your favorite podcast app! Below are just three of the ways to listen: 

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Season 1 episodes included interviews with The Modern Domestique (me!), King's Broth, BLDG 61 Makerspace, The Boulder County Farmers Market, Debi Pedersen about The Evolution Of Home Economics, and Teaching Handcrafts At A Waldorf School.


Season 2 included interviews with Ethan from Falling Fruit, Karen with WeeBee Garlic Farm, Sandy with Marty's Meals, Casey with Food Lab, and members of the Violet Hive Art Therapy Collective.


Season 3 included interviews with a creative reuse center, a food rescue (all done by bicycle!, learning about heritage grains, and talking about food and fun in France!


As of November, 2022 season 4 is officially being recorded! Stay tuned for the release of the new episodes.

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