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Season 3

Each episode of The Modern Domestique podcast focuses on a different aspect of Modern Home Economics. It’s all about exploring a way of life that enhances our environment and community from where it all begins - in the home.

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Art Parts Creative Reuse Center


Have you ever ended up with leftover art or craft supplies after you're done with a project? Or have you ever needed to buy just two beads for something you are making? That's where creative reuse centers come to the rescue!

Boulder Food Rescue

Boulder Food Rescue is a non-profit that redistributes healthy food to low-income communities. They do this by picking up fruits and vegetables that otherwise would be thrown away and delivering those items to places like food pantries & shelters, or directly to local low-income communities. And they do all of this by bicycle.

Heritage Grains With The Grain Lady

The Grain Lady is a resource for all things grain - in the field and in the kitchen. Listen in as I interview Mona about what a heritage grain is and why it’s important to not only our tastebuds and digestion, but also to our local community and farmers. If you are a home baker or pasta maker, or are interested in becoming one, this episode is for you!

French Food, Wine & Fun W/ Emily Dilling

Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne is the author of My Paris Market Cookbook which has just been updated to version 2.0! In this episode, we talk about the new edition of the book, Paris farmers markets, what natural wine is, and she even shares her honey glazed turnips recipe over in the blog post!

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