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Season 2

Each episode of The Modern Domestique podcast focuses on a different aspect of Modern Home Economics. It’s all about exploring a way of life that enhances our environment and community from where it all begins - in the home.

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The Therapeutic Benefits Of HomeEc

Have you ever felt better after sewing, crafting, cooking or even cleaning? I know I have! Listen in as the therapists from the Violet Hive Art Collective talk with me about the benefits of home ec skills, and how they relate to art therapy! 

Learning To Cook @ Food Lab

In this episode, I visit with Casey Easton, founder of the "community culinary hub" Food Lab, in Boulder, CO. Food lab focuses on bringing cooking classes to everyday cooks and all members of the family. She even shares a yummy recipe with us!

Nutrition For The Whole Family

In this episode we're focusing on the benefits of a species appropriate diet...for the four-legged members of the family! Listen in as I talk with the founder of Marty's Meals about feeding your pets a raw food diet.

All About Garlic

Listen in as I talk with Karen about the different varieties of garlic grown on her farm and sold locally in Boulder, CO. Karen talks about how to grow garlic, which variety is best eaten raw or sautéed, and which packs the most health benefits!

Ethan Welty w/ Falling Fruit

Have you ever wondered about the fruit growing in public spaces around your city? Would you like to get to know your city better while eating seasonal fruit at no cost? Tune in as I interview Ethan from Falling Fruit, an online interactive foraging map!

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