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Welcome to The Modern Domestique, I am so glad you are visiting!


This site is all about presenting Modern Home Economics - aka life skills - in a fun, sustainable and practical way. Here you'll find beginner to advanced recipes, sewing and handicraft advice and patterns, DIY tutorials, tips and tricks for managing a home, healthy living advice and much more. 


There is a lot to take in around here, so this page aims to help you find your way around.


If you'd like more specifics about the site or me, please check out the about page, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments!

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Another great way to find out more about The Modern Domestique is to listen to the podcast. The first episode is an especially good overview if you are looking for somewhere to start. Also, you can subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher to have the podcast added to your feed automatically.


If you are looking for some quick-and-easy how to's, head over to the YouTube channel!