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An Interview With Nicholas Ball aka Quilts From The Attic

Today's podcast episode is an interview with Nicholas Ball, aka Quilts From The Attic.

Nick and I have known each other for *ahem* a few years now, and I am consistently blown away by his creativity! In the interview we talk about what lead him to quilting, how he landed on improv, and he gives creativity guidance and tips for the home sewist that feels intimidated by quilting.

His last book, Inspiring Improv: Explore Creative Piecing with Curves, Strips, Slabs and More was released 4 years ago and has a nearly perfect 5-star rating. The book teaches his step-by-step technique-based process to explore six fundamental piecing structures within improv quilting.

Available for pre-order now and releasing early this Summer, his newest book Use and Ornament: The History and Future of Improv Quilting offers a liberated approach to sewing and opens the reader up a world of creative possibilities. In the podcast episode we talk more about his new book, including the cover-quilt.

Listen to the episode below:

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