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TMD Podcast, S1 E2: Nancy Thompson w/ King's Broth

"In this episode, Nancy Thompson talks about her 25+ years of experience as a health and wellness practitioner, and explains the benefits of high-mineral, nutrient-dense King's Broth and the role it plays in our modern day lifestyles."

I had such a good time interviewing Nancy (pictured below on the right) for this episode. We covered a lot of ground, touching on some really great nutrition points (which I will be blogging about in the coming weeks!), but mostly talking about King's Broth. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Kings Broth is "a slow steam kettle brewed high mineral vegan elixir packing nutrient dense hydration". They have 5 flavors which include Thai Coconut, Italiano, Vegetable Curry, Southwest, and Mushroom Medley. Their motto is "Drink The Garden!", which I love and which perfectly sums up what they are doing. Their broths are delicious sipped out of a mug on their own, or used as a soup base.

Their website also lists each ingredient's nutritional benefits, which I highly appreciate! For instance, did you know that lemon peel "contains even more vitamins, nutrients, and health benefits than the juice. It regulates blood pressure, anti-cancer, oral health, weight reduction, antibacterial, and is antifungal"? Reading through their list of ingredients is not only informational but also inspiring - I would never think to put cardamom in a broth, but boy does it taste good in their curry blend!

If you live around the Boulder, CO area you can find their broths served warm or by the bottle in the refrigerated area at Whole Foods on Pearl Street, and I believe they are working on expanding to other Whole Food locations around the Denver area and beyond. You can also follow Kings Broth online at their website, Facebook Page, instagram or YouTube Channel.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on today's episode in the comments below, and I hope everyone has a very Modern Domestique Day!

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