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TMD Podcast, S1 E5: The Evolution Of Home Economics (An Interview With My Mom!)

"This episode is a conversation with The Mother Domestique, AKA my mom. With a master's degree in Home Economics, a catering business, and two cookbooks under her apron, she is a fountain of knowledge as well as the trusted behind-the-scenes advisor for TMD."

The Evolution Of Home Economics

With Mother's Day here, now is the perfect time to post this episode! I suppose it's a small way to honor my mom and everything she taught me...or tried to teach me. As you will hear, despite my mom's best efforts, I haven't always been in touch with my inner domestique. But, all those lessons she tried to teach me stuck around somewhere in my brain and are being put to full use now! I think that The Modern Domestique website is also a testament to the fact that it's never too late to start, especially if we all share our knowledge with each other.

The Evolution Of Home Economics

The first dress pattern my mom sewed

I think this episode is a really interesting one, and not just because I am talking with my mom. We talked about a lot of different aspects of Home Economics - it's foundations, it's evolutions, and how The Modern Domestique fits into it's advancement today. We also touched on my mom's background in Home Economics, which included her love of sewing (you can also see her series of sewing posts she did for this site here, here and here), and her love of cooking (you can find her cookbooks here and here).

The Evolution Of Home Economics

I would love to hear about the ways this episode's conversation has inspired you to find your own inner domestique, so please make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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