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Lavender and Lemon Infused Sugar

In my last post, I wrote about making donuts with a friend. The sugar infusion I made to top the donuts was especially good, so I wanted to write a quick post to share it with you! I used Meyer lemons that my parents had sent me from their tree, but you could certainly use whatever lemons are available to you. Dried lavender can be found at many health-goods stores, apothecaries and you can order it online too.

This sugar couldn't be easier to make, and the end result is pretty fabulous. I think it would be especially good in drinks, or to add to any baked good recipe you have (maybe like a lemon bread or something!) If you aren't a big fan of eating lavender, you can omit that and just do the lemon peel - you will end up with a delicious lemon sugar that I think would really elevate a fresh lemonade.

What other flavors of infused sugar do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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