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Easy Cucumber-Mint Infused Water

Summer has finally arrived where I live, and I could not be more excited! It's the time of year that crisp, fresh fruits and veggies abound and it really inspires me to try new things.

What's great about "summertime seasonal produce playtime" is that you don't have to do anything complicated for amazing results. Just look what's around you in your own garden or at the farmer's market in your neighborhood and experiment!

After riding my bike around town, I always come home thirsty so when I saw this mint growing in the community planters around our condo complex, I was inspired to infuse some water with the leaves. This really could not be easier. I gently muddled the mint to release the oils, chopped up some cucumber we had on hand and combined them with water in a jar. I'm going to refrigerate this for at least a day, shaking to mix whenever I think of it.

I'm excited to come home from my next ride to some refreshing cucumber mint water to quench my thirst! Some other combinations that would be good would be blueberry lavender, strawberry basil, or lemon rosemary. It's a great alternative to sugary soft drinks, and will keep you hydrated longer!

What other combinations can you think of? Let me know if you try your hand at infused water!


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