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How I Use Editframe to Make Those Podcast Promo Videos

I've gotten some questions about how I've been making these little promo videos for my podcast episodes so I thought I'd do a quick how-to for anyone interested!

Here is an example of the videos I've been making if you haven't seen them:

It's actually really quick and easy to make these videos!

Most of the editing is done in a free website, Editframe. It's really easy to upload your own photos, or gifs or YouTube videos and add music (or the podcast excerpt in my case) on top of that. I wanted to create a little video that had the audio visualizer at the bottom, and with Editframe it's super easy to add that with a click of a button. Editframe's capabilities actually far exceed what I need for this little video, but it's also perfect and easy to use for something so simple.

I hope this helps and I cant wait to see the videos you create!


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