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TMD Podcast, S3 E1: Art Parts Creative Reuse Center

Season 3 of the podcast kicks off with an interview with Denise Perreault, the founder and executive director of Art Parts Creative Reuse Center located in Boulder, Colorado.

Art Parts accepts donated, reusable industry surplus, along with other art and craft materials, which they then resell at low cost to the public. Founded in 2011, they are one of many creative reuse centers that can be found worldwide.

You can think of a creative reuse center kind of like a thrift store for craft and art supplies. After a craft project, I often find myself with just a small amount of yarn, say, that seems a shame to throw away but isn't enough for another project that I have in mind, so places like Art Parts are a great resource for leftover supplies that you wouldn’t want to keep but also wouldn’t want to throw away. I also especially appreciate that you can go there to buy just what you need - whether it be a small amount of yarn or just one or two beads.

In the interview, we also talk about the gallery space they have and the parties they can host in their building. Art Parts really is a place for everything creative!

I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of season 3's interviews with you. Make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app (such as iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify) and if you like the podcast, please leave a rating or a review for the show on those apps to help others find this podcast too!


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