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Why Healthy Living?

Dr. David Knapp said something many years ago that I think still holds true and also applies to healthy living: "The time is now at hand to direct past traditions of problem-solving toward a new focus. The basic mission of [Home Economics] is to improve the quality of life."

I think that really paying attention to if we are living healthy lives (or paying attention to our quality of life) is often overlooked. Sure, most of us think that we are living a healthy life because we go to the gym, or because we buy "green" products. But what if we took that to the next level of understanding? Does the stress of rushing to get to the gym before work every day counteract the benefits of the workout? Do you really know what's in that "eco-friendly" dishwashing detergent you bought last week? Where did your couch come from and what chemicals are hiding in it's cushions?

Focusing on your own healthy living habits will also decrease the impact you are leaving on the earth. Studies have shown that 40% of the emissions in the US come from our day to day lives at home. If we can become more aware of what we're using, how we are using it and where the products we are using are coming from we can not only increase our health, but also create a positive effect on our environment.

No masks required to read this blog!

Most people have a hard time wading through the misinformation and misconceptions of what it means to live a healthy life. And rightly so - it's overwhelming. So, to help narrow it down, here are some of the healthy living topics I'll be exploring:

  • Keeping stress under control

  • Getting the right amount of exercise

  • Taking care of yourself with things like annual exams w/blood work, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, caring for your teeth, etc.

  • Fostering healthy family relationships and a strong community that contribute to a healthy life

  • Minimizing toxic chemical exposure such as those in body care products, cleaning products, new cars and couches, etc.

And don't worry, I didn't forget about nutrition! But because food plays such a big role in living a healthy life, I have dedicated an entire category solely to food and nutrition.

With a nod to the foundation of Home Economics - “for the betterment of the home” - I'm looking forward to exploring how to create a sustainable, healthy quality of life in today's world with you. Please feel free to leave a comment below if there's something in particular that you'd like to see included!


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